Moving Mountains

A New Documentary Television Series of One-Hour Programs
Exploring How Ordinary Americans Provide Extraordinary Leadership
To Improve & Enrich The Lives of Their Fellow Citizens

Contemporary Learning Systems, Inc.

Starbright Media Corporation

Joseph Maiolo & George A. Colburn

Moving Mountains is being developed by Starbright Media Corporation (SMC) as an ongoing series of program about ordinary Americans making a positive difference in their communities. The series is about leadership, self-help, and positive–and lasting–, ongoing action that produces results that everyone in the community can recognize, understand and appreciate.

George A. Colburn, Ph.D., is the Co-Executive Producer and Co-Writer of "Moving Mountains." Colburn's work in television documentaries and related educational programming has spanned four decades:

Professor Joseph Maiolo of the University of Minnesota, Duluth, a published author, is the other Co-Executive Producer and Co-Writer of the documentaries:

Research is ongoing in selected areas around the country to identify individuals whose lives and commitments are worthy of consideration by our team of producers and researchers.

Rev. Robert ChildressA pilot program is in the early stages of production – about the life the Rev. Robert "Bob" Childress, an ordained Presbyterian minister, who took on the many deep-seated problems of his people in the remote and poverty stricken Blue Ridge Mountain region of southwest Virginia in the time between the two World Wars. He also left behind a permanent reminder of his work within the communities he served - seven magnificent stone churches, now major tourist attractions for the region (see photo below of the church on Buffalo Mountain).

A draft treatment for this one-hour documentary has been written by Professor Maiolo, who hails from southwest Virginia and has carefully studied Childress’ life for many years. Approximately 20 hours of broadcast quality footage has been collected from shoots in the Blue Ridge Mountains over the past several years. This collection includes spectacular location footage and interviews with family members and friends of Rev. Childress.

The Project's timeline calls for the pilot program–The Man Who Moved a Mountain–to be completed by the end of 2014 and on air in the fall of 2015. The next three programs will be researched and developed, also by the end of the year.

For further information contact Jane Garver via email,, or by telephone, 202.618.0360.

Buffalo Mountain